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Leadership Development Programmes

Rethinking your role as a leader

Effective leadership requires more than just traditional management skills. It involves understanding and mastering the dynamics of human interactions. 


We help leaders to develop the critical skill of building and maintaining effective relationships, in particular the one with themselves. 

We take self-awareness to a new level and develop ways to actively take greater responsibility and accountability for the impact you have on yourself, your organisation and those around you.


Stable and successful businesses are a direct impact of the leadership behaviour that drives them.

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"There is a feeling of professional and personal safety, of being understood and being heard. The tools and concepts Joanna has used to support me on my journey of learning have been extremely useful and will continue to be so as I learn more, notice new behaviours and find myself in different situations."

What you will learn:

Building Trust

Building and maintaining trust with yourself and others through honesty, reliability, and consistency.


Enhance ability to see situations from multiple viewpoints balancing empathy and taking effective action.


Leading by example: Proactively prioritise your mental and behavioural health amidst your professional duties with a set of pragmatic tools tailored to supporting you in personal and professional life

Cultural Sensitivity

Understand and respect cultural differences for effective communication and relationship-building in diverse contexts.

Teamwork and Partnership

Collaborating effectively with others, recognising and valuing each person's contributions, and achieving common goals.

Our programme provides a powerful behavioural diagnostic framework to help you navigate relationship dynamics, enhance your leadership capabilities, and foster a positive work environment.


We rethink leadership by focusing on how you use your energy and behaviour on behalf of yourself and others. 


Highly confidential, the programmes offer transformative experiences that blend leadership development and wellbeing.

Organisational Leadership Reference Books

A framework to guide you

"I’ve had the chance to talk through the highs and lows of professional and personal life with someone who listens and gives the tools and conversations for me to reflect and look at situations from other perspectives and at times question my own perspective."

Executive Leadership Programme Client

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What my Clients Say...

"I was apprehensive at first having never taken part in anything like this before but I was immediately put at ease and looked forward to the sessions, Joanna gave me some techniques to use in day to day situations which also help me deal with things that may occur, I felt very comfortable, and Joanna helped me understand a range of things both regarding work, and personally."

Executive Leadership Programme Client

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