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Behaviour Profiling

What might your behaviour be telling you?

Understanding our behaviour is essential for personal growth, self-awareness, relationship-building, emotional intelligence, problem-solving and stress management.

It allows us to live more intentionally and authentically, leading to greater fulfilment and success in various areas of our lives.


At Beneath the surface, I use the Functional Fluency Profiling model to provide insight into how much time and energy you use across a series of behaviours based on how you see yourself, your relationships and your environment.


This psychological tool offers us a broader perspective on how we are functioning in the world and helps us develop the skills to effectively adapt in varying roles, relationships and leadership dynamics. 

It offers several benefits in supporting the creation of psychological safety within individuals and group environments.

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What is Functional Fluency?

The term "Functional Fluency" relates to our capacity to grow and develop through awareness, flexibility and practicing new things. It explores how much energy you put into effective or ineffective behaviours.

Our behaviour = The way we Function

Our ability to use our behaviour effectively = Fluency  

We all shift between different states of behaviour depending on who we are with, circumstances, external pressures and roles.

 When we become aware of our unique shifts and what triggers them, we can choose to take more effective action, helping us to respond more and react less.

NOT a personality TYPE

It is a  model of human social behaviour – how we Function (behave) in the world and how flexible and open we are to practice new interactions.

A profile snapshot of how you use your energy and behaviours towards yourself, your relationships, your environment and what influences them.

Where you are now, rather than a fixed profile identity. 

A focus on empowerment and accountability.

How to move from awareness to action and enhance your effective behaviour as well as manage ineffectiveness.

Creates a framework to enhance psychological safety

Identifying and celebrating the learning process.

We balance effective and ineffective approaches to change.

Philosophical principles

How we use our energy and behave in the interest of mutual benefit:

Self, Others, Wider Community

A way of living and functioning more fully.

How Functional Fluency supports creating Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is fundamentally about taking risks and our willingness to test and challenge, with no idea of what the outcome will be.

By developing our skills to respond more and react less, we are more likely to create environments where people feel safe to be open and contribute.

We are less concerned about what we don't know and are excited to learn.

Functional Fluency Profiling helps empower you to take the risks required to engage and develop your relationships and behaviour.

It gives you a framework to help you navigate your strengths and vulnerabilities.

"Really helpful in identifying my ineffective modes of behaviour and knowing what situations or personalities provoke this."

Executive Coaching Client

How Behaviour Profiling
can help you

As a licensed TIFF Provider, I use the profiling tool in both coaching and therapy projects due to its versatility in professional and personal settings.


  • Creating stability in your environment

  • Leadership - how you manage yourself and how you manage others

  • Team dynamics

  • Communication and relationship skills 

  • Conflict resolution and working under pressure


  • Self-exploration and Insight

  • Relationship dynamics

  • Emotional regulation

  • Life stages and changes

  • Work/life balance and stress

  • Behavioural patterns and change

Staff Meeting

'The more functionally fluent we become, the more competent, safe, and capable we are in our interactions and exchanges with others.'

"Highly relevant to my work due to managing so many people and helping me consider how I
engage with a wide range of stakeholders."

- Corporate Client

"Keen to unlearn, learned behaviour to help manage my anxiety and negative energy."

- Therapy Client

"I never realised how much energy I was losing in certain behavioural modes – noticing the fine line between supporting and smothering your team as a leader..." 

- Corporate Client

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