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Workshops and Talks

Exploring the art of living well 

In understanding the art of living well, we recognise life as a unique canvas shaped by our choices and experiences.


At Beneath the surface I offer talks and workshops as part of the annual events calendar to help you to explore themes and topics affecting our everyday lives.

Delivered in organisations and workplaces as well via my public events platform, I create a collective experience where you leave feeling empowered, connected, and supported.


Offered in-person or online, all workshops are therapist-led and include insight from the therapy room to help bring a reality and shared experience to the sessions. 


Standard workshops run for two hours, with the exception of  'Ask the therapist Q&A' which runs for 90 minutes, dependant on group numbers. 


"Joanna's thought-provoking and profound talk helped our colleagues to explore themselves as individuals and within their roles. We were encouraged to embrace the differences in the people around us and to always be to be the best version of ourselves. Everyone left feeling uplifted and empowered."

Lucy, Sopra Steria

2024 Workshops


'Creating accountability and transparency around employee well-being is no longer a nice-to-have. It's a vital part of doing business in the modern world….'


Wellbeing workshops as part of your People & Culture Strategy

For consistency, integrity, and momentum we know employees and organisations benefit most when there is a regular wellbeing workshop programme that helps educate and support them on a blend of topics throughout the year, not just when national campaigns arise.

You can select from the topics listed or I am able to tailor workshop themes and topics to your organisational needs as required.

In some instances, organisations ask me to provide a talk instead of a workshop.

Talks usually run for 45 mins and can be based on the workshop themes, or I can develop something bespoke to you.

Group Therapy

"Joanna's talk on 'Becoming an Equity Architect' at our International Women's Day event was both insightful and inspiring. We explained the brief to Joanna, and she took it to a whole new level that captivated the audience from the start. "

Lucy, Sopra Steria

ESG strategy should focus on environmental and governance targets, but business leaders must also invest in the resilience and well-being of their workers ...

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