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CEO & Founder
Advisory Services

Founders and CEOs are the driving force behind their companies, but the daily pressures and responsibilities can strain personal wellbeing and impact performance. 

Whether you're seeking support with strategic decision-making, navigating relationship dynamics, or preventing burnout, my services are a unique blend of strategic business experience and psychological know-how, delivered in a personal and trusted space. 

From the dual lens of understanding business dynamics and being a fully qualified Psychotherapist who can coach and consult as the situation requires, my work provides solace and direction in both personal and professional life.


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""Joanna plays a critical role in how I lead the business making me press pause on a regular basis to consider all the possible questions and answers."

Martin, CEO - Bristan Group

What you can expect:

Leadership EQ Behaviour Diagnostics

Learn to balance leadership, strategy, and self-care effectively with a personal behaviour and well-being profile, highlighting blind spots, emotional balance, and relationship effectiveness.

Burnout Prevention and Creating Stability

Prevent burnout while driving company success and personal growth through a hybrid coaching and mental well-being programme that manages and optimises behavioural health. 

Self-Care Mastery  

Leading by example: Proactively prioritise your mental and emotional health amidst your professional duties with a set of pragmatic tools tailored to supporting you in personal and professional life

Blending Business & Psychology 

 Access expert support and guidance to combat isolation by integrating your personal behaviour and well-being profile, with delivery of your strategic priorities and responsibilities.

 Relationships & Work-Life Balance

Understand how to keep momentum in your personal and professional growth leveraging your relationships to enhance communication, connection and commitment to what matters to you most.

Creating balance and direction

Taking time to reflect and proactively support your mental and behavioural health in what is often a lonely place, allows you to keep perspective and support inevitable vulnerabilities. 


Leaders who prioritise their mental well-being are better equipped to navigate complexities, inspire their teams, and foster psychological safety within their organisations.


My CEO and Founder Advisory Services ask the tough questions, enabling you to gain clarity and align and enjoy your professional and personal ambitions.

To find out more, you can book a free 30-minute exploratory call.

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What my Clients Say...

"I am in a place where I am starting to feel like I am living rather than functioning and Joanna’s support has made so much difference to me."

Managing Director

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