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Welcome to
neath the surface 

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The landscape of life and work have changed considerably.

What were once two very separate entities (life and work) have become far more integrated, and we are seemingly wanting and needing more from both.

From navigating work-life balance to managing stress and anxiety, prioritising your wellbeing can feel like an uphill battle. 


At Beneath the surface, we want to help you find perspective, get to the root cause of your concerns, and create a better future.

Meet Joanna Williams 

Founder of Beneath the surface Psychology & Wellbeing

Psychotherapist | Executive Coach | Consultant

My passion is to enable more people and organisations to become psychologically resourced so that they can feel empowered to deal with the challenges and changes inherent in both life and work

We all need a sounding board at times and someone to help filter and translate our thinking processes - this is the first step. 

As a dual qualified Registered Psychotherapist and Business Consultant, I run a Private and Corporate Practice, working in-person and on-line to help people deal with a variety of concerns in both their professional and personal lives. 


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For Organisations

Executive Well-being & Organisational Health

Group of people having a discussion in an organisation

Transforming companies, nurturing minds.


Beneath the surface is dedicated to understanding how you create psychologically safe environments where people can thrive. 

Great leadership requires active reflection and a commitment to developing effective behaviours and relationships. People need the skills and tools to do this.

I recognise that mental health, wellbeing, culture and leadership behaviour all intersect. 


If you are looking to grow your business through your people, I am here to listen and provide solutions that have both business and human impact.

For Individuals

Psychotherapy & Counselling, Executive Coaching


Helping to make sense of your inner world. 


When we feel the intensity of our distress and struggle to find clarity and perspective, it can be lonely and feel overwhelming.

Stress, anxiety, relationships, trauma, grief, self worth, depression are just some of what you may be experiencing. 

Therapy is not just about adversity. It can also be a way to pro-actively self-care, better understand yourself and resource you mentally for living in the modern world. 


Having a private and trusted space to explore and support your unique concerns or aspirations can help to relieve the burden, gain new insight and perspective, and present choices to create change. 

Time to gain a 
new perspective

Taking time to step back allows us to see situations more clearly, make informed decisions, manage emotions and process our thoughts and feelings in a more balanced way.

Engaging in therapy, coaching or a blend of both, provides the opportunity to take a fresh view, explore possibilities and take action towards change.


Creating a partnership with you

Whether you are an organisation or an individual looking for support, my services are bespoke, personal to you, and built on partnership.


You may have a sense of what you are looking for, you may have no idea at all.

An initial free consultation gives you the time to share where you are at, for me to ask some questions and for us to get a clear picture of what would best suit your needs. 


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Let's go Beneath the surface...

"The sessions with Joanna have been very helpful for me and I felt like I had a safe space to discuss and learn how I could tackle my problems better. 

Thanks for providing this, I think this is a great benefit for employees."

Employee Programme Coaching 

What people say:

"I felt like Joanna really understood everything we were talking about and this helped me feel less alone... I also found the materials and models Joanna used in helping me to understand myself and other people in certain situations really useful in day to day life."

Private Practice Client

"Joanna has the perfect balance of professionalism and empathy. I have become more aware of who I am and how to continue my journey in becoming a better version of myself. My early life trauma has been given the attention it’s needed to help me deal with it in a calmer manner."

Employee Programme Therapy

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