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Working with overwhelm – reflective practice:

Taking time to reflect can be a good way to observe ourselves. Doing this as a form of meditation can be helpful.

It is not always about sitting cross legged on a cushion chanting! ☺ Meditation is the practice of being still and present and connecting with our minds and bodies.

How often do you take time to quietly reflect?

Maybe you find it hard to be still and have racing thoughts.

Below are some reflective questions that you can use to check in with where you are (within yourself) and observe what / how you may be feeling, thinking and being – are your thoughts feelings and words aligned?

Without judgement, take a few moments to be still and quiet and see what comes up for you as you ponder these questions:

  • Do I find it hard to express my emotions openly and from the heart?

  • Are there people I must forgive in order to be free, and for what must I forgive myself?

  • Do I allow emotional wounds to control me, or am I holding on to grief?

  • How often do I fail to keep my promises?

  • Do I ever use my words to hurt others?

  • Do I find it difficult to express myself honestly?

  • Do I find it hard to see the bigger picture?

  • Have I become over-rational?

  • Do I set my standards too high? Or could I achieve more with concerted energy?

What do you notice? Perhaps explore it with a loved one or friend, or just stay curious about your responses and what you might want to further explore or do something about.


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