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Women in Leadership

I work with women to firstly ‘press the pause button’ and discover what it is THEY really want – for themselves, their lives and their careers. 


Too often we can end up on ‘progression auto pilot’ and become derailed by challenges along the way. 


We can lose perspective of our abilities and our value, and how best to balance life, work, and family. We become a series of roles, and struggle to attend to our needs.


I challenge the concept of over-adaptation and conformity as a pathway to success, and work to uncover individuality and authenticity as the platform for empowerment and change. 


Regardless of what you do, it is discovering who you are that helps you reconnect with yourself, relieve the burden, prioritise you, and restore vitality in your life, relationships and work.


"the blend of business coaching and therapy is a brilliant proposition for busy leaders

(dare I say, especially women) who are juggling the heavy load of careers, relationships and family-life."

Claire, Marketing Director

Gender Bias and Stereotyping

Women often encounter bias and stereotypes that can undermine their authority and leadership capabilities. 

Lack of Representation

Many industries and organisations have a significant gender imbalance in leadership roles, which can lead to a lack of female role models and mentors for aspiring women leaders.

Women's Health & Key Life Stages

Women at work often face unique challenges related to women's health and key life stages: Pregnancy, becoming a parent, maternity, perimenopause, menopause, chronic conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, adenomyosis

Work-Life Balance

Balancing leadership roles with life and family responsibilities can be challenging. The expectation to do it all can lead to overwhelm, and burnout.

Stress, perfectionism and high-functioning anxiety can become standard practice 

Imposter Syndrome

Many women in leadership positions experience imposter syndrome, doubting their own competence and feeling like they don't belong in their roles, even when they are highly qualified.

Pain points & challenges for
Women in Leadership and the workplace 

My Programmes for Women are designed to empower and elevate women in leadership roles and in the workplace in general.


These specialised programmes and courses offer a transformative journey that combines leadership development with a focus on personal circumstances, life stage, and individual challenges.


Offered as 121's or as group workshops, I use a blend of personal therapy and coaching tools - this hybrid approach creates the space and support needed for you to thrive in your work and life, whilst maintaining your overall health and wellbeing.  


Empower and elevate your leadership

"My experience working with Joanna was transformational. I felt that I had a safe place with someone kind supportive and knowledgeable who could help me work through some difficult issues.""

Partner, Law Firm

Desk with papers, coffee and pen

What my Clients Say...

"There is a feeling of professional and personal safety, of being understood and being heard. The tools and graphics she has used to support me on my journey of learning have been extremely useful, and will continue to be so ...  I am not over exaggerating when I say that working with Joanna has been lifechanging!"


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