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Well-being at work 

Creating the environment and conditions for a great place to work takes time, effort, and commitment.


It can be a challenge to know what is the best way to provide effective well-being services in your business when mental health is so unique to each person. 

We help avoid 'box ticking' initiatives through four core services, enabling you to offer bespoke support that can integrate with your existing HR, ESG and Culture Programmes. 



"The sessions with Joanna have been very helpful for me and I felt like I had a safe space to discuss and learn how I could tackle my problems better. Thanks for providing this, I think this is a great benefit for employees."


Employee Programme Scotland

Common concerns:

Clarity: Discovery & diagnostics

Gain clarity on where you are now with well-being and your company initiatives – are they one-offs or strategic enablers? 

Stressed Workforce

Supporting you to tackle reduced productivity, low morale, increased absenteeism, and high turnover rates.

Specific Mental Health Concerns

Recognising and addressing mental health issues through personalised therapy & counselling services. 

Behavioural Challenges

Managing and proactively addressing behavioural changes among your team members that can be challenging and sensitive in equal measure.

Executive Burnout

Supporting Leaders to create balance and personal stability avoiding overwhelm and burnout.

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Together, we build stronger, more resilient workplaces.

Working closely with you, we collectively assess your current mental health and well-being initiatives, identify areas for improvement, and craft a personalised strategy.


Whether you're looking to implement mental health policies, create a more supportive workplace culture, or address specific challenges, my consultancy services are here to guide you.

"I’ve had the chance to talk through the highs and lows of professional and personal life with someone who listens and gives the tools and conversations for me to reflect and look at situations from other perspectives and at times question my own perspective."

 Hybrid Coaching/Therapy Client

Coaching, Psychotherapy & Counselling

A hybrid service of therapy and coaching where the individual can choose to focus on one (coaching or therapy) or choose to benefit from a blend of both. 

Mental Health Training and Workshops

Tailored workshops and training exploring topics of interest, mental health awareness, stigma reduction, stress management and resilience building for employees and leaders.

Leadership Behaviour & Relational Skills Workshops

Enable your leaders to build confidence and take a proactive approach in supporting mental wellbeing with our ‘Fluent Leader’ model that can be integrated into

1-2-1’s and team development.

Consultancy Services:

Employee wellbeing as part of your People Strategy: 

Alignment and integration of your mental health initiatives, offering a framework and a strategic approach to EAP, MHFA, bespoke or in-house services.


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What people say...

"Joanna supported Waracle’s staff with whole company remote meetings addressing wellbeing with a particular nod to resilience throughout the Covid lockdown period. We felt this support was invaluable given face to face contact with our staff was always an invaluable part of our people focused approach."

Chief People Officer - Scotland

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