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TEDx Warrington sponsorship 2022

Having spent half my childhood growing up in Warrington and being a huge fan of TED and TEDx it was a great opportunity to be one of the main sponsors of the inaugural TEDx Warrington event.

Held at the Pyramid Parr Hall Warrington I was instantly taken back to attending my fist gig - James (Oh sit down, oh sit down!) and wearing the very best Joe Bloggs jeans, Michael Jackson Nike Air, and a Fruit of the loom jumper!

Nostalgia is wonderful for reconnecting with ourselves, and others and the speakers of the event drew upon several themes, memories, and personal stories to bring us a meaningful and insightful night.

With the theme of Build Connection, Strengthen Communities, we were taken on a journey of personal life events and stories, what it is to be human and with an important reminder (for me) of how precious and short life is. How not to take our health for granted, and how creativity and an open mind can be a gateway through adversity and change (some fabulous poetry and singing on the night!)

A joy to be part of and to attend.

Visit TEDx Warrington to view talks.


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